Rescue drama on the Kiel Canal – the body of the missing dog owner recovered

Now it is a sad certainty: The 44-year-old, who wanted to save his dogs from drowning in the Kiel Canal and went under, is dead. His body was recovered on Saturday morning.

A walker discovered them in the water one kilometer from the Hohenhörn canal ferry and informed the police. This confirmed that it was Dirk S., who had been missing since November 6th.

The American Staffordshire rescued themselves ashorePhoto: private

The unsuccessful rescue

According to initial findings, the dogs had chased a deer that Saturday morning and jumped into the canal. When the owner tried to save the animals from the water, he himself got into trouble. At around 12:35 p.m., witnesses saw the man calling for help and notified the emergency services. Shortly afterwards he was gone.

Emergency services are looking for the missing man in the Kiel Canal

Emergency services are looking for the missing man in the Kiel Canal Photo: Florian Sprenger West Coast News

Rescuers then spent five hours looking for the missing person in the Dithmarschen district with boats, divers and helicopters. After dark the search was stopped for the time being. Another team moved out on Sunday morning in the hope of finding the 44-year-old. An intensive search with divers was also unsuccessful.

Dirk S., a sales representative for a television station, was considered well trained and took off his clothes before jumping into the water. The American Staffordshire “Junior” and “Peaches” had saved themselves from the water. They could be housed safely.


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