Representative of Vietnam Post: ‘Vulnerable children need to be protected’

Mr. Le Quoc Anh, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Post Corporation – Vietnam Post deposited his emotions when looking at children’s paintings “For a Vietnam to win”.

– What is the reason why Vietnam Post accompanies the painting and literary creation contest for disadvantaged children “For a Vietnam that will surely win”?

Vietnam Post is known as the National Postal Enterprise with the mission of “Serving the community and connecting people with quality, friendly and modern services”, therefore, we always attach great importance to charity works. volunteering, pioneering activities for the community, contributing to a better society. The contest “For a Vietnam to win” has a special meaning in this time of epidemic and Vietnam Post sees its responsibility in it.

Mr. Le Quoc Anh, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Post was present at the painting exhibition “For a Vietnam to win”. Photo: Vietnam Post

During the recent Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam Post accompanies the anti-epidemic functional forces and especially supports people, ensuring their lives with specific and practical actions such as implementing the “Golden Seeds” program. Post offices” in the southern provinces heavily affected by the epidemic; accompanying the program “The heart of the epidemic season” of the Ministry of Information and Communications; contributed nearly 6 billion VND to the Vaccine Fund for Covid-19 prevention and control.

We support online learning and promote the development of a digital society, support disadvantaged students who do not have online learning facilities, ensure fairness in accessing new teaching and learning methods through companion with the program “Waves and computers for you”.

Particularly for the care and support of children, we have the program “Vietnam Post with children to school”. The program is organized annually by the Corporation to share difficulties and hardships with teachers and students in remote areas of the country. At the same time, encouraging and energizing the role models who are making daily efforts for the cause of education in Vietnam.

With the tradition of the Postal people and the desire to give disadvantaged children a source of spiritual encouragement to help them overcome diseases and be more confident in life, Vietnam Post has decided to accompany them. with the contest “For a Vietnam to win”.

– What message do you want to convey here?

– It can be said that, as soon as I received the information from the organizers of the contest and saw the works they created, I personally really felt the positive energy that the children brought. During these days, the Covid-19 pandemic is complicated, affecting many aspects of life as it is today.

The Vietnam Post Corporation realizes that this is an activity of practical significance, contributing to the whole party and the whole people to take care of the future generations of the country, especially disadvantaged, sick or dying children. treatment of cancer, fatal diseases, Agent Orange, disability, autism, orphans.

Mr. Le Quoc Anh (2nd from left) received flowers and paintings from the Organizing Committee.

Mr. Le Quoc Anh (2nd from left) received flowers and paintings from the Organizing Committee. Photo: Tung Le

Vietnam Post is committed to always accompanying the contest in general and the children in particular in the most responsible way, giving them invaluable and warm spiritual gifts to help them no longer see themselves. being alone in the tough battle with a serious illness, at the same time, creating joy and helping children to be more optimistic.

Above all, the Postal workers, wherever they are, with the common point of goodwill, enthusiasm, and benevolence, will join with the children to contribute to conveying the shared message to the frontline staff. At the beginning of the fight against the epidemic, we hope for a bright future in the days when the whole country fights against the Covid-19 epidemic, just as the name of the program “For a Vietnam is sure to win”.

– How do you feel about the fate of the children in this contest?

– As far as I know, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a big impact on the care of children with cancer in particular and children with serious diseases in general. But not because of that, the children are pessimistic, the children in this competition can be considered as “warriors who never give up” with an extraordinary will to live and fight back against disease.

There are many children who have just received chemotherapy and then hold a pencil to draw, there are children with autism who can only draw with a pencil, but they still make a lot of efforts to overcome physical pain and express themselves. Optimistic spirit, his dreams into each picture. Through “For a Vietnam to win”, I believe that the optimism and love of life shown in each of their works will be a great inspiration to the community, especially the frontline staff. anti-epidemic.

The representative of Vietnam Post stopped for a long time in front of many special paintings.

The representative of Vietnam Post stopped for a long time in front of many special paintings. Photo: Vietnam Post

– How do the paintings at the exhibition make you feel?

– With 200 paintings and 50 literary works of children participating in the contest, the spiritual values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the children have brought to viewers are great, it is not only a gift to give to the team. the frontline of the fight against the epidemic, but also the strong will and the will to overcome their fate.

I am most impressed with the painting “Two generations” by Bui Ngoc Uyen Nhi, 14 years old. This is a picture with an extremely creative idea when it shows the rigors and fierceness of the war with epidemics in peacetime as well as the war against foreign invaders of the previous generation. I did find out that Uyen Nhi is an autistic child, completing a picture that is both in harmony with layout and color and shows a human meaning is a great effort of hers.

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