Remarrying to take care of her terminally ill ex-wife

ChinaHearing that his ex-wife had end-stage kidney failure, Tran Chan Phong offered to remarry, but the woman objected for fear of becoming a burden for him.

Tran Chan Phong, 39 years old, is an employee of the Department of Transport in Shangqiu city, Henan province. In 2012, at the age of 30, he married Ta Hong Ha, 26 years old.

After marriage, the couple’s life is quite happy. Tran worked as a government employee and Ta opened a small shop. However, after that, the couple’s affection gradually faded, they constantly had conflicts and divorced in 2019.

After the divorce proceedings were completed, Ta moved to her brother’s house. The two still consider each other as friends.

Mr. Tran often takes his ex-wife to the hospital every time she undergoes hemodialysis on Mondays, Fridays, and Fridays of the week. Photo: sohu.

After the divorce, Tran always misses his ex-wife. He admitted that the divorce was largely his fault. Once, he boldly sent a message to ask Ms. Ta, and received an answer that her health was not good. “The doctor diagnosed me with end-stage renal failure,” she texted.

Tran was shocked to learn of his ex-wife’s condition, immediately went to the store to find her, but the door was locked. When he contacted Ta’s brother, he knew that she was on dialysis at the hospital. Seeing the pale, emaciated face of his ex-wife, he showed great grief. “Why didn’t you tell me about this,” Chen reprimanded.

The feelings in the 39-year-old man rose again. He decided to go to the hospital to take care of his ex-wife after learning that she had not remarried, and at the same time asked to marry her again.

Ms. Ta thought that her health was declining, she needed a lot of medical expenses, if she remarried, it would become a burden for Mr. Tran, so she refused. However, Tran Chan Phong’s attitude was very steadfast. He said that when his ex-wife needed a solid shoulder to lean on, he wanted to give her shoulder.

Normally, Ta has to take a lot of medicine and go to the hospital for dialysis three days a week, otherwise his body will be edematous. Every day, he prepares rice for Ta early in the morning, then goes to the company to work. At noon, I stopped to give her food and medicine. At night, if she was uncomfortable, he would stay up with her, squeeze her limbs and comfort her.

“If you can’t see anything, I vow to be your eyes. I’m willing to give you a kidney, reduce your lifespan by a few years so you can live longer,” Tran often told Ta.

The sincere affection of her ex-husband moved Ta again. She nodded back to her ex-husband.

Mr. Tran takes care of Ms. Ta at his home in Shangqiu city, Henan province.  Photo: sohu.

Mr. Tran takes care of Ms. Ta at his home in Shangqiu city, Henan province. Photo: sohu.

Over a year of treatment, Ta spent 200,000 yuan (725 million VND). Due to poor health, she closed the shop, all expenses for dialysis and medicine now depend on Mr. Tran’s salary.

The monthly income is not enough for expenses and medicine, Tran applied for a job as a seasonal driver of a transportation company. In this way, he went to work as a civil servant by day, a driver at night. To receive more orders, Tran often works until midnight.

“I earn an extra 2,000 yuan (7.2 million dong) a month as a driver. However, the couple is still having financial difficulties. I plan to sell the house to get money for her treatment,” Tran said.

The couple’s story was later known to the Chinese media. Many people expressed admiration for Tran’s love for his wife. “There are really many faithful people in this world like Tran. Your love makes us realize that we need to love and appreciate the people around us more,” commented one reader. Meanwhile, another commented: “I always believe, there is true love in life”.

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