“Reiki” died 2 years ago – rockers mourn their stabbed buddy

Gelsenkirchen – Almost 150 rockers of the “Freeway Riders” came together for a funeral march in Gelsenkirchen on Sunday.

The reason was the death of one of its members in October 2018. At that time, Johannes R. (63), known as “Reiki”, Vice President of the Hattinger Chapter of Freeway Riders, was walking home after a meeting in the clubhouse in Gelsenkirchen.

Do their buddy the honor: The rockers at the grave of Johannes R.Photo: Henning Kaiser / dpa

There he was stabbed to death on the street after an argument in the rocker milieu. The four former perpetrators of the rock group “Bandidos” were sentenced in June this year to prison terms of between six and a half and ten years.

The police: “On Sunday the” Freeway Riders “met at the grave of the dead man in the Rotthausen cemetery and moved from there to the city center.” They went to the spot where their member was killed two years ago.

It remained peaceful throughout the funeral march. The rockers had previously submitted a hygiene concept to the health department that they also adhered to. The police accompanied the funeral march.


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