Regret winning the jackpot

ScotlandBecoming a millionaire at the age of 17 thanks to winning the jackpot, Jane Park once intended to sue the awarding unit for turning her life upside down.

Ten years ago, Jane Park in Edinburgh became the focus of British public opinion after becoming the youngest person to win the top prize of the Euro Millions lottery worth £1 million (VND 27 billion). The girl was constantly asked for money by strangers, threatened to assault, proposed to her, and even indulged in parties and plastic surgery…

“Many families with terminally ill children need surgery or students who want to be funded for school are constantly calling. Even my private life is scrutinized by the media,” said Jane.

Before that, she was just an employee at a store, earning £8 an hour and living with her mother in a cramped house.

Jane Park became one of Scotland’s youngest lottery winners. Image: Mirror

Possessing a large amount of money, Jane strongly bought a 3-bedroom house, supercar, designer clothes, traveling and plastic surgery. She was once fined for driving while intoxicated. By 2017, Jane had to be hospitalized for a blood infection after her 3rd round overhaul in Turkey.

Experiencing many events, Jane realized the downside of winning the lottery at a young age. She believes that the lottery should be accompanied by warnings like those about the health of stimulants, helping people to anticipate situations that may be encountered if they win.

She also suggested that lottery ads should be broadcast at night, limited to young children and raised the age of ticket purchasers. “Many young children dream of being famous or winning the lottery because of the glitz. People call it ‘lottery’, but it’s actually like gambling with many consequences,” Jane said.

There was a time when the 27-year-old girl wished she didn’t win the lottery and wanted to sue Camelot, the operator of the National Lottery, for giving a prize so big at a young age that her life turned upside down. But thanks to the attention of the media, Jane’s message to be careful with the lottery has spread to many people, she decided to stop the lawsuit.

Ten years after receiving the grand prize, Jane Park realized the downsides of winning the lottery at a young age.  Photo: News

Ten years after receiving the grand prize, Jane Park realized the downsides of winning the lottery at a young age. Image: News

After spending time playing, Jane sold her house and many luxury items to return to live with her mother. She started learning how to invest money smartly. “My life is better now. I feel like a lot of people are just waiting for the day I go bankrupt, lose all my money and become homeless to mock me, but that’s definitely not happening,” the 27-year-old girl said. confided.

A spokesman for the UK Department of Cultural Tradition and Sport said that in 2021 the unit changed the law to protect young people from gambling risks, increasing the minimum age to play the lottery from 16 years old to 18 years old. . “We are not afraid to increase measures to protect young people if necessary,” this person said.

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