Red card for MMA beauty wearing transparent bikini caused a stir

Friday, May 21, 2021 19:02 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) MMA beauty wearing a “transparent” bikini had to do this after posting on social networks.

Paige VanZant, 27-year-old American female boxer, was once a star of the UFC event, but now she has switched to boxing bare-handed. Basically, the two sports above are equally dangerous, but the competition techniques are not the same.

VanZant changed from MMA fighter to bare-handed boxing

If competing in the UFC under MMA rules, boxers can attack with both hands and feet, and bare-handed Boxing can only use their hands to attack the opponent. Perhaps due to not being familiar with the technique, the 27-year-old female boxer lost in her debut match in this arena. In the competition on January 5, VanZant lost to British opponent, Britain Hart by scoring after 5 rounds (2 minutes each half).

Receiving her first defeat, VanZant did not flinch, she is practicing hard to move towards the next stage. Not only famous for his martial arts, what helps VanZant to be followed by millions of people on social networks thanks to his loose style of dress.

The thin bikinis, the times of taking “extremely hot” photos have helped VanZant and her husband to be known by millions of people. Also by posting pictures and clips that are too sexy, the 27-year-old female boxer has been deleted by Instagram many times.

"Red card"  for MMA beauties to wear bikini "transparent"  cause a stir - 3

Her too sexy image was withdrawn by Instagram

Recently, the 27-year-old beauty shared an image and clip of her wearing a tiny transparent skin-colored bikini, only a few hours after posting received up to 500,000 views, then this post was blown away. color”.

“I posted a picture and video where I think I’m really enjoying jumping in the pool, doing some somersaults. I liked it, so check it out. But Instagram took it down later. when there are 500,000 views so I am complaining to let the post appear,” the 27-year-old beauty wrote on Instagram with 2.8 million followers.


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