RecycLivre: “If we leave Amazon, they will earn even more money”

Charlotte, milf, “Go through them to have cheaper pockets, with pretty vintage covers”. Olivier, to provide his 9-year-old daughter with “Goosebumps”, those terrifying novels swallowed up in a few hours and which make children addicted. “Them”is RecycLivre, a used book sales site created in 2008 by David Lorrain. This 46-year-old geek is not a bookseller: hacker on the internet since 1995, he studied economics and worked “In web agencies and for a sailing race in Spain”. Back in France in 2007, he says he had to empty his library to find accommodation within his budget. “It was there that I decided to create this free home book collection service. “ With its 900,000 references, RecycLivre is now seen as an online second-hand bookstore. This gap between the initial intention, collection and recycling, and this image of “bookstore” is it the cause of a misunderstanding? RecycLivre is accused by second-hand book professionals of draping its lucrative activity in an ethical discourse that does not really conform to reality. We asked David Lorrain to answer it.

David Lorrain, founder of RecycLivre.

What are the effects of confinements on RecycLivre?

Normally we collect around 3 million pounds per year. Thereupon, we sell a million, at an average price of 7 euros. Which represented in 2019 a turnover of 7 &

To read the remaining 89%,
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