Record-sized white diamond – “The Rock” auctioned for 17.8 million euros

Geneva – He’s a real hunk. Bigger than a golf ball. And has 228.31 carats. Now the diamond went over the auction counter for 17.8 million euros. It is the largest white diamond ever sold at auction – a record, with a tear in the eye.

The largest white diamond ever auctioned at Christie’s in Geneva did not achieve the record price that had been hoped for.

In the run-up to the auction, “The Rock” was estimated at 19 to 28.4 million euros. Including commission, he is now going to the new owner for 20.7 million euros.

The still valid record for a similar white diamond was also set in Geneva in November 2017. The price paid at the time was 33 million euros, the diamond had 163.41 carats.

A Christie’s employee shows “The Rock”Photo: Salvatore Di Nolfi/dpa

“The Rock” is 3.1 centimeters wide and 5.4 centimeters long. At 61.3 grams, it is heavier than a tennis ball. It was found in a mine in South Africa at the beginning of the century.

The auction in the fully occupied hall lasted only a few minutes. When the bid was accepted, there was applause. The buyer resides in North America but declined to be named.

“It’s a diamond cut in the shape of a pear and it’s really extraordinary,” enthused Max Fawcett, head of jewelry at Christie’s Geneva. The diamond is “absolutely symmetrical”. There are only a “handful” of diamonds of this type.


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