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Braised fried rice, braised snakehead fish with pepper, cooked duck, grilled banana bread… are memorable because of the rustic and rustic features like the people of the West.

1. Braised fried rice

This poverty-stricken rustic dish has a simple original version with only a pinch of fat, salt, fish sauce and sugar, pepper, and braised chili peppers and served with burnt rice. Over time, this dish has been modified and become a specialty in many restaurants both at home and abroad.

The ingredients also have different variations such as braised with dried shrimp, bacon, shrimp… The sweet and fragrant taste of dried shrimp, mixed with a bit of fat of the tofu, soaked in a dark brown sauce with a strong salty taste. Sweet and spicy harmony is very attractive. This dish is served with crispy burnt rice, boiled vegetables, and delicious sago bags.

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2. Cooked duck

If Ha Thanh cuisine causes memories with braised duck with crocodile in the summer, the West of the river is impressed by cooked duck. The duck meat is soft and sweet, the taro is soft and the water is warm and the aroma of chao stimulates the taste buds. The dish is full of flavors, flavors and colors, so it makes an impression right from the first time. This dish must be eaten hot to taste, the vegetables are dipped in and eaten immediately, the sauce is pureed with a little spice, nothing is equal.

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In order to have a delicious duck dish, the preliminary processing and deodorization of the duck is quite important. Need to remove the sebaceous gland (fishing buoy), use salt, lemon, vinegar and alcohol, ginger to effectively deodorize. The duck should be cut into small pieces because the meat shrinks when cooking. Depending on the taste, adjust the appropriate amount of sugar and add coconut milk to add more flavor to the dish.

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3. Braised snakehead fish with pepper

The West of the immense river is blessed by nature with “The field wears the clothes of flying birds – The lake is sparkling with the school of racing fish”.

Recipes of some delicious Western dishes - 2

The fish is firm and beautiful, has a rich taste, the broth is viscous, and the aroma of pepper and green onions is very “waste of rice” in any season. Unlike the North, when the warehouse usually has water, the people in the West cannot stock up on fish without sugar and coconut water, when the stock is mixed, the water becomes thick and beautiful.

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4. Baked sticky rice banana cake

It is not by chance that this rustic dish was in the top of the world’s best street foods at the 2013 World Street Food Congress in Singapore.

Recipes of some delicious Western dishes - 3

With the creativity and skillful hands of mothers and sisters, each idyllic banana seems to be ‘transformed’. Soft baked banana wrapped in crispy yellow sticky rice, drizzled with greasy coconut milk, sprinkled with a little fragrant peanuts is hard to refuse!

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5. Snails with lemongrass and chili

The crabs, fish, snails… from the field have been associated with the daily meals of poor people in the West. Then when you go away, that taste will stay forever. So is the spicy lemongrass chili snail dish. Crispy braised snails, with the characteristic aroma of lemongrass, spicy and spicy from chili, harmonious sweet and salty taste, eaten with white rice is very “hao”.

Recipes of some delicious Western dishes - 4

Note: When boiling snails, just need to fire, the snail will open. At this time, the snail meat keeps its texture and is easy to get, and if it is boiled for a long time, the intestines will be broken and difficult to handle. If you don’t have fresh snails abroad, buy ready-made stuffed snails. After defrosting, squeeze vinegar, salt seeds and then wash.

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