Reasons why women cheat

Most couples never imagine their love ending because of infidelity. But the truth is that cheating can shake up the happiest marriages.

“Society often assumes that men are cheaters, men are easy to deceive, but research data tells a different story,” said Alicia M. Walker, associate professor of sociology at Missouri State University, America, says and asserts that the cheating rate among women is equal to that of men.

This person said that it is not unusual for a wife to cheat on her husband. Depending on age group and behavior, sometimes women cheat more often than men.

There are many reasons why women cheat. So are husbands. Loneliness, boredom, and alcohol can play an important role. Sometimes, equipment camaraderie takes it too far during a long night at the office. Other times, an unfaithful partner leaves a woman’s heart with a big void that wants to be filled.

Some women cheat to avoid boredom. Others cheat because they feel left out. However, some people say they cheat just because they want to. According to Walker, the reasons for infidelity are complex and not specific to a marriage.

“Sometimes it’s for natural reasons, it can be emotional. But even if we don’t want to admit it, women do cheat when given the opportunity. There is a lot of data showing that women will cheat with co-workers and saying, ‘I’m very happy with my marriage. But I see an opportunity, I’ll take advantage of it,'” the expert said.

The concept of cheating among women is contrary to what traditional culture says about them. “We don’t want to think that women are just as sexually desirable and enjoy having sex with multiple partners. But in reality, they’re just as bored with sex in marriage as men,” said associate professor of sociology. Walker, said.

Given the emotional and financial risks of infidelity (not to mention its impact on children), rethinking our stereotypes about women’s infidelity is just the beginning.

Some of the adulterous women in Walker’s study said they openly discussed sexual compatibility and preferences. So, to prevent infidelity, communication is paramount. All relationships need to start with honest conversations about sex, preferably before marriage.

You have to be open to the things your partner cares about. Many of the women Walker interviewed spoke when they were comfortable talking about their fantasies or desires. Meanwhile, her husband showed disgust, making them feel ashamed. Infidelity offers the chance to be accepted.

In the end, the key to happiness is still caring. When you’re with your spouse, Walker says, it’s important to think about her needs and your own. If not, some people want to find another object that satisfies that need.

“Any man worried about his wife’s infidelity, check your behavior in the bedroom. Make sure you’re holding your ground, because if you don’t, someone else is out there. willing to do it,” she said.

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