Realtor Report Frankfurt: Corona has no effect on residential property prices

Frankfurt – Anyone who had hoped that lockdown and the corona pandemic would stop the rise in property prices will be taught otherwise by the market report by the real estate broker von Poll Immobilien. “In none of the segments examined were there any significant drops in average prices,” is the conclusion.

In the area of ​​condominiums, the average purchase price in 2019 fell slightly to EUR 419,989 (-1.1%).

But: for new-build apartments the price rose to 541 119 euros (2018: 512 119), the square meter cost 6768 euros in 2019 – a record level.

At the same time, the size of apartments in new buildings is falling sharply: while it was 106 square meters in 2012, it was only 65 square meters in 2019.

The square meter price for existing apartments climbed from 2380 euros (2012) to 5097 euros (2019) – an increase of 114.2%.

The price for single and two-family houses went through the roof in 2019 – buyers paid an average of 759 053 euros, in 2018 it was “only” 533 614 euros – an increase of 29.7%.


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