Rapper feud in Cologne: process for ax attack because of video by KC Rebell

Tough rapper feud on the Rhine: Now it’s time for the process!

A brutal attack within the rap scene allegedly triggered by a music video is being investigated in a trial before the Cologne district court today.

The accused: three men, one of whom was only 18 years old at the time of the crime in August 2016. The accusation: collective dangerous bodily harm. At that time they are said to have beaten up a man in front of a shisha bar in downtown Cologne – including with the back of an ax.

According to the indictment, the background is said to have been the video of rapper KC Rebell entitled “Dizz da” recorded the day before. The later victim is attributed to the musician’s environment.

One of the accused felt “his honor violated” by the video, the public prosecutor said on Monday. Under the pretext of seeking a debate, the man is said to have asked the later victim to come to the shisha bar.

The case caused quite a stir at the time. There was talk of a Rhenish rapper feud. There were several incidents that year, the background to which was a quarrel between KC Rebell and the rapper Xatar. Among other things, there was a shootout in downtown Cologne, in which a man was seriously injured.

The three accused in a hall of the district court in ColognePhoto: Thomas Banneyer/dpa

Because one of the accused was 18 years old at the time of the crime, the trial is taking place before a juvenile chamber of the district court. The defendants initially did not want to provide any information on the allegations. A further eight days of negotiations are planned until the end of March.


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