Raising deaf and dumb people for 12 years

ChinaAt the end of 2009, Tieu Phong met a man with dirty clothes sitting on the side of the road, signaling for help. He took him to a restaurant for dinner.

At this time, Tran Tieu Phong in Tiet Xi town, Lao Hekou city, Hubei province, discovered that this was a lost deaf-mute man, so he brought the man home, waiting to find his relatives.

Tran Tieu Phong (far left, left) stands next to the deaf-mute man (black shirt) he has raised for 12 years. Photo: The paper.

After staying for a few days, the strange man’s calves appeared wounds, causing ulcers, and healing for a whole month. After that, he was sick a few more times, each time he was hospitalized for dozens of days, the Tran family took turns taking care of him. Since the stranger had no identification and no health insurance, he had to pay all the expenses.

At that time, Tran’s monthly salary was 2,000 yuan (7.6 million VND), living in the company’s dormitory. Because there are more people in the house, he has to go back and forth by motorbike, more than 60km a day.

The villagers saw that Tran was young and raised strangers, so they advised him to think again. “Can’t leave him because he’s disabled. Get rid of him, how will I regret it for the rest of my life,” he said.

At the time of bringing the deaf-mute man home, Tran’s wife was working in Shanghai and did not know her husband’s job. When she heard that he had spent all his money to raise his children, she questioned Tran before he dared to tell the truth. On New Year’s day, when he returned home, seeing the deaf-mute man understanding manners, helping his parents grow vegetables, clean the house, the new wife calmed down and agreed to let him stay at her house.

Can’t hear or speak, but the deaf-mute man often writes the words “Do” and “Jiang” and adds Sichuan characters on the ground. Chen went to the police station to report the incident, trying to find out if this person was from Sichuan, but for years there was no clue. When asked too much about himself, the deaf-mute man often gets agitated, repeatedly punching his head. Since then, Tran did not ask any more questions.

At the beginning of November this year, seeing that everyone had been vaccinated against Covid-19, Tran also wanted the deaf-mute man to be vaccinated. Because he did not have an identity, an identity card, so he had the intention to find relatives for him.

On November 12, under the guidance of the police and teachers for the deaf and mute, the man wrote the word “Do Hong Giang” on a piece of paper. Through investigation, the police discovered that a person in Tu Ying town, Botou city, Hebei province, with a similar name, was also missing for a long time. On November 15, the police connected with family members of the missing person. As soon as he saw the woman on the other side of the screen, the deaf-mute man fell to his knees, bowing and crying.

On November 17, family members of the deaf-mute man had crossed nearly 1,000 km and were present at Tran Tieu Phong’s house.

Tran Hieu Phong showed everyone the room he had reserved for a deaf-mute man in the past 12 years.  Photo: The paper.

Tran Tieu Phong shows everyone the room he has reserved for a deaf and mute man in the past 12 years. Photo: The paper.

This person’s real name is Do Hong Giang, nearly 50 years old. Twelve years ago he rode his bicycle to visit relatives, with little money in his pocket. People surmised that perhaps on the way they met robbers, were assaulted and took all their property, so they wandered all the way to Hebei.

The nephew also said that, when he brought his uncle home, he saw in his backpack many new clothes bought by Tran Tieu Phong, but he did not dare to wear them, just hung them up to watch. During the farewell meal, the deaf-mute man suddenly ran out and sobbed. When he got into the car, he also knelt down in front of Tran to give thanks.

“Many things have happened to Do so I hope he will live well with his family,” Tran said.

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