Raid in the rocker milieu: Police arrest seven suspects

Aschaffenburg – Seven arrests after a large-scale raid on the rocker scene.

Two men were in custody, the police and prosecutors announced on Tuesday. The arrest warrant for a woman was suspended, subject to conditions.

During the search of twelve objects in Bavaria and Baden-W├╝rttemberg, the investigators found drugs, drug substitutes and several thousand euros in alleged drug money.

In addition, live hand grenades, alarm pistols, ammunition, brass knuckles, other cutting and stabbing weapons and baseball bats were confiscated.

According to the information, the police have been investigating members of the rocker scene since the middle of last year. It concerns the suspicion of armed trafficking in amphetamines and cocaine. The seven suspects are between 40 and 70 years old.

After a previous search in Miltenberg, the investigators decided to carry out the cross-border raid on May 12th. Among other things, two rocker club houses were searched.

In November 2020, a then 30-year-old from the rocker milieu at the train station in Aschaffenburg was caught by special units after a money handover. He is said to have extorted money from a craftsman with two accomplices.

The public prosecutor’s office in Aschaffenburg has already brought charges against the alleged protection money extortionate.


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