Radebeul: winemaker rolls wine into rubber

Meissen – You can not only drink white and red Elbe valley wines. The trained farmer Susanne Gebhardt (35) is the first in Saxony to make delicious wine gum out of it!

Part-time winemaker Gebhardt: “I wanted to create something special from the Traminer and Pinot Gris grapes from our 600 m² vineyard in Cossebaude. Juice and wine jelly are already available. Then I got on rubber. “

In February she rented the abandoned butcher shop Wippler in Meißen, where she opened her “Geb. Saxon Elbweingummi “-Manufaktur. The young woman calculated, tested, dealt with rubber production and designed packaging.

In her own vineyard, she checks the flowering of the Pinot Gris vines

Photo: © Lutz Weidler

“The centerpiece is the € 10,000 vacuum rotary evaporator. It works in a similar way to the still in a schnapps distillery, but brings wine or fruit juices to the boil at 60 degrees in a way that preserves vitamins, ”says Susanne Gebhardt.

The liquids, thickened to ten percent, are then boiled with glucose syrup, sugar and gelatin. At the end the alcohol is added again and everything is poured into molds.

The inventor warns: “Because of the at least three percent by volume, my Elbe wine gum is not suitable for dry alcoholics.”

The specialty (200 grams for 3.89 euros) is also made from fruit such as apple, sour cherry, pear, plum or quince. It is sold online, in the factory or, for example, in the Schloss Wackerbarth State Winery.

Teaser picture

The delicious gums are cube-shaped and come in many different flavors

Photo: © Lutz Weidler


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