Racist attack in Berlin: “I cried and begged for help”. Dilan speaks in BILD

17-year-old Dilan attacked

“I have screamed, cried and begged for help, to no avail”

Berlin – Dilan (17) was racially insulted on the tram and beaten to the hospital. Allegedly because she wasn’t wearing a mask. BILD describes the high school graduate what really happened.

Wrongly labeled as a mask refuser. Racially insulted in the worst way. Brutally beaten by six men and women in the hospital. What Dilan (17) experienced on a tram on Saturday evening is stunned!

Dilan addressed the incident in a video lasting several minutes

Photo: Private

“Beat up for being a foreigner”

The video, which the young woman recorded a day later in the clinic and published on the Internet, lasts almost ten minutes. She bursts into tears again and again. Crying, she says: “I was beaten up yesterday because I’m a foreigner.”

According to a police report on Sunday, a dispute about a mouth and nose cover on a tram in Prenzlauer Berg allegedly escalated, in which the young woman was racially insulted and beaten.

Dilan was able to take a photo of the attackers.  She showed this to the police

Dilan was able to take a photo of the attackers. She showed this to the police

Photo: Private

With the video, she wants to correct the situation and make a statement. “I’ve been shaking, screaming, crying and begging for help to no avail,” says Dilan, “that makes me incredibly sad. I keep seeing the hate in their eyes…”

On Wednesday, the officials then had to admit: The evaluation of video recordings showed that the victim was wearing a mask when getting on and off the tram! Three of the perpetrators were arrested on Saturday.

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In BILD Dilan describes what happened

She was on her way to a friend’s house around 8 p.m. When her later attackers climbed into the full train, she felt pressured: “I made room and was immediately insulted as a ‘dirty foreigner’.”

The group – none of whom are said to have been wearing a mask – made fun of them, verbally abused and shoved them.

Dilan: “I just said that I was born here and that we are all the same. I just raised my voice a little hoping someone would help me.”

Nobody reacted. Not even when the six men and women attacked the high school graduate at Greifswalder Strasse station, they kicked, hit her head, beat her, and pulled her hair.

Dilan: “I was later hospitalized with traumatic brain injury, abdominal trauma and bruises all over my body.”


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