Racism in Dortmund: homeless person offends child who wants to donate

Dortmund – The boy (10) wanted to give 50 cents to the homeless person. As a “thank you” he got bad insults back.

Bad racism case at Dortmund main station. A homeless man (39) scrounged travelers for money on Saturday afternoon. When a stranger kicked his begging cup with his foot, a child from Bergkamen wanted to help put the cup back up and throw 50 cents into it on top of that.

Several witnesses then heard the incredible words. “You negro children, I don’t want to take any money from you. That is the last thing I would do, “the homeless is said to have grumbled, reports Volker Stall (43) from the federal police.

The man is said to have racially insulted a woman with a migration background who bravely intervened, as well as the Nigerian father of the boy: “Go back to your country, where you come from. Otherwise we can clarify this differently. “

Federal police arrested the homeless person temporarily. The state security was informed and criminal proceedings for sedition were initiated. Not his first conflict with the law. The 39-year-old, who was already in jail, had already been investigated for incitement to hatred and violent crimes in the past.

No trace of remorse or insight. Volker Stall: “The suspect announces that he wants to file a criminal complaint against the federal police for deprivation of liberty and coercion with the Dortmund police.”


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