Rachida Dati calls for a “minimum income” for precarious students

Mayor LR of 7e arrondissement of Paris Rachida Dati warned Emmanuel Macron against a ” time bomb “ if the gap is widening between privileged and less privileged students, by asking for the latter a “Minimum income” the time of the crisis.

“Emmanuel, I ask you that the student question be taken into account at each new stage of the management of this crisis”, affirms in an open letter to the head of state Rachida Dati, who accuses the managers of “Now discover a student situation they know nothing about”.

“Situation of social fragility”

“You studied at La Providence, when I grew up in a working class city in Chalon-sur-Saône. […] You attended the ENA benches and I those of the University of Burgundy […] You could sleep to be in good shape for the exams, when I went to work at night at the Sainte-Marie clinic as a nursing assistant ”, adds the candidate of the right to the last municipal elections in Paris.

Rachida Dati struggles to recruit top of the municipal list

Rachida Dati therefore asks the Head of State “To allocate a minimum income to students in a situation of social fragility, as long as economic activity remains low” and work with local elected officials to identify “Unused public premises” such gymnasiums which can allow a resumption of classes.

“Emmanuel, would you dare look Heïdi straight in the eye and tell him that a toll-free number and psychologists in the universities are an answer to the height of his distress?” “, asks the mayor of 7e arrondissement of Paris, in allusion to the student who had expressed her anger to the Head of State last week.

Student demonstration

PCF boss Fabien Roussel, who intends to participate in the student demonstration on Wednesday January 20, had already asked Sunday on France 3 “That they can all go back to college or their schools, even intermittently in half-class”.

#etudiantsfantomes: “I have been on anxiolytics for several months”

“These young people in great distress are the living forces that will have to recover the country. If we sacrifice them today, France will find itself destitute to rebuild itself tomorrow ”, for his part said the boss of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde in a forum at the “JDD”, asking “That all students, without exception, can return to university benches as quickly as possible”.

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