Rabies concern – squirrels attack people in New York

Sweet is not it? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Vicious squirrels are up to mischief in New York: According to media reports, residents of the Rego Park district of Queens have been attacked several times by squirrels in recent weeks. A woman even had to be looked after by an emergency doctor after being bitten in the hand.

“All I knew was that I was in a fight and lost it,” local resident Micheline Frederick told ABC7. She said she was bitten and scratched in the neck by a squirrel and got vaccinated against rabies as a precaution. Another woman said that because of the aggressive animals, she no longer leaves her home without pepper spray.

The city’s health department called on residents to report abnormal animals to the local authorities. At the same time, the officials reassured the citizens: “Squirrels and many other small rodents are rarely infected with rabies,” it said in a statement.

Most squirrels in New York are gray, according to authorities. Park rangers warn against feeding squirrels as this can make them lose fear of people.


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