Quyen Linh reveals the fulcrum of middle age

Health and a strong financial foundation to be proactive in the face of events are always appreciated by Quyen Linh, giving him more peace of mind when entering middle age.

Having a career and full happiness with his wife and two beautiful daughters, artist Quyen Linh never allows himself to stop trying. Before getting married, the male artist also went through difficult financial days.

“I only know how to work so hard that there is nothing left to strive for. Who told me to do something, I can do anything, even if I’m exhausted, I still try. My best luck is having strength. good health to do what you want,” he confided.

Once famous, Quyen Linh still chooses a simple, positive lifestyle, appreciates what she has, works hard, and avoids wastefulness. He always feels happy to be the spiritual support for the small family.

Quyen Linh is an artist who is loved for her sincerity and closeness to farmers. Image: NVCC

In middle age, the thing that made Quyen Linh most worried was not having enough health to continue her role as the breadwinner of the family. Share with VnExpressThe male MC said that 3 years ago, he had to refuse many invitations to be MCs and films for health reasons. This is the result of a long time of hard work, irregular eating… He was advised by the doctor to reduce his work, but because he loves his job and wants to do something for the unfortunate, so he’s still trying.

“I am fortunate to have the trust and love of my relatives, so I need to make it worthy of this love,” Quyen Linh confided. That is also the reason that motivates him to learn about health care solutions and protect himself against risks. And also because of witnessing many unfortunate circumstances, the male artist found that in addition to taking care of health, each person also needs to actively prepare financial backup.

Recently, Quyen Linh revealed that he has found “good friends” who are willing to support him in middle age. “The first friend is like a bodyguard, ready to protect himself from risks. The second friend is like a banker, helping to keep money and let me withdraw money when needed. And the third friend is really a financial expert. These guys are Techcombank’s comprehensive investment and protection solution package,” added the male MC.

He said he agreed with his wife Da Thao on this point of view when considering this protection and investment solution. The couple is more interested when the Legacy investment-linked insurance product provided by Techcombank also helps customers choose an investment fund according to their desired retirement time.

According to artist Quyen Linh, for middle-aged people like him, the international standard healthcare gift of Doctor Anywhere that Techcombank offers when participating in Legacy products is quite practical. Accordingly, having a personal doctor to directly monitor and take care of their health, and at the same time always ready to support 24/7 online health consultation for customers is a great advantage.

Artist Quyen Linh believes that, a reliable fulcrum to protect yourself, preserve and develop the estate will create a stable position for the whole family.

Artist Quyen Linh believes that, a reliable fulcrum to protect yourself, preserve and develop the estate will create a steady state of mind for the whole family. Image: NVCC

Viewpoints on how to invest in life in a simple and active lifestyle will be shared more specifically by Quyen Linh at the seminar “Explore the preeminent financial journey” “Spiritual health – Endurance” taking place in Hanoi. Ha Hoi on August 27.

Here, experienced financial and insurance experts from Manulife Vietnam, Manulife Investment Management (Vietnam) and Techcom Capital will also introduce Legacy investment-linked insurance and other financial solutions, helping customers have more investment options suitable to their financial conditions to both be protected against health risks and increase safe assets in the future.



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