Questions to ask before buying a dishwasher

Investing in a dishwasher is right because you save time and energy. However, before buying a machine, you should pay attention to 4 issues.

Which type to buy, what capacity?

Dishwashers now have many types such as built-in, portable, table-top… Therefore, depending on the kitchen design and size of the house, you can choose the right machine. Each type has its own benefits and limitations.

The cheapest price is the desk machine. However, these models are small, not suitable for large families. If you rent a house and have limited space, this is the optimal choice.

Machines such as built-in cabinets, have a drawer design with modern designs and features, and are also more expensive. In case you live in a rented house and want to move the machine every time you move, instead of installing it permanently, the portable model is very suitable.

The space you have to place your dishwasher is closely related to the size of the machine you choose. It should be noted, large dishwasher does not mean good quality. Therefore, consider the space you have first.

The second parameter is the capacity of the dishwasher. This number determines the number of dishes that can be washed. You need to consider the number of people in the family, eating habits, the size of utensils… Depending on your needs, you can buy a dishwasher of 6, 10, 12 or 16 sets.

In case you buy a double-decker (12 sets), it may not have a separate tray for chopsticks, silverware and flatware. Manufacturers can add you a small basket to plug chopsticks, spoons…

What are the machine specifications and washing programs?

This is one of the core aspects when considering buying a dishwasher. It is important to pay attention to important parameters such as speed, drying cycle, noise level, energy-saving labels… If your bedroom is next to the kitchen and you run the dishwasher at night, a machine No noise is essential. In case you have small children in your home, child safety locks are very important.

Besides, the washing program is a factor you should pay attention to. Some types of machines have additional features such as washing bottles, half-load washing, intensive cleaning… If your family has young children, choosing a machine with related features will be very practical. In case your family has few people to eat, the number of bowls is small, buying a machine with a half-load washing mode is also reasonable.

If you are lazy to clean the pot or rinse the dishes before putting them in the machine, the intensive washing program is especially important. This feature helps to remove food and residue in the first wash cycle, leaving no residue, no matter how small, in the last wash cycle. Some models have a self-cleaning filter, while others require the filter to be removed and cleaned manually.

Does the machine dry the dishes completely?

Many machines on the market today have a drying function, which helps the bowl to dry 100% as soon as the washing cycle ends. For example, some lines have Efficient Dry, Extra Dry, Zeolith, etc. which help the dishes to be 100% dry after washing and without spots on them. bowl surface. However, lower models may not have this feature, causing the dishes to be completely dry, moisture still clinging to the surface.

To handle it, you have to open the door ajar after the wash cycle ends, helping the bowl to be drier and less smelly. Of course, the price of the machine with the self-closing feature will be more expensive. Depending on the conditions, you choose the appropriate device type.

Self-cleaning function

The performance and durability of your dishwasher depends on how well you keep the appliance clean. Cleaning the dishwasher is important because food can accumulate or deposit.

Many dishwashers now have a self-cleaning function, while lower models require you to clean them periodically.

Thuy Linh (According to Gadgets)


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