Queen-Wächter: Guardsman of the Coldstream Guards allegedly sexually coerced recruits

A guardsman from Queen Elizabeth II is suspected of having sexually assaulted two young recruits.

The Coldstream Guards are the oldest regiment in the British Army and one of the Queen’s five body regiments. Soldiers belonging to the Royal Household Division are responsible for guarding the royal palaces. The unit is stationed in the Victoria Barracks near Windsor Castle.

A Queen’s guardsman allegedly sexually assaulted two young recruits near Windsor Castle Photo: Alberto Pezzali / AP

There, just a few meters from Windsor Castle, the incident is said to have occurred as part of a disgusting reception ritual, as the British “Sun” writes: The soldier allegedly abused two young recruits with a sex toy on their second day at the Coldstream Guards.

The guard was arrested and suspended from duty on suspicion of sexual assault. An investigation has also been launched, reports the Sun, citing high-ranking army commanders.

It was only in March that a similar case rocked the Royal Air Force (RAF) and led to the dissolution of a unit. At an admission ceremony, a soldier is said to have sexually abused another with an object.

“The army is under great pressure to stamp out this type of behavior,” the informant told the Sun.


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