Queen Raducanu lost outright in Indian Wells, the price of fame

(Sports news, tennis news) Emma Raducanu is no longer herself at Indian Wells, part of the fault can be attributed to the rapid popularity.

Video of the second round of Indian Wells, Raducanu lost to the world’s 100th player

Emma Raducanu, an 18-year-old British tennis player, set dozens of records when she won the US Open 2021 championship without losing a set. A beautiful girl at the age of dreaming from a tennis player with several thousand followers on social networks, suddenly has more than 2 million fans on Instagram.

"Queen"  Raducanu lost outright in Indian Wells, the price of fame - 1

Raducanu shocked in the second round of Indian Wells 2021

From the 150th place, the teenage girl leapt into the top 30 in the world. Raducanu’s name is comparable to contemporary stars and she is also compared with legends like Sharapova, Federer in terms of future talent and wealth.

But it seems that being famous too quickly has caused Raducanu to have a bit of a psychological problem and not play well at the Indian Wells tournament taking place in the US. Meeting Aliaksandra Sasnovich, the opponent who is only ranked 100 in the world in the second round of Indian Wells, Raducanu did not perform as well as the US Open 2021.

In the first set, Raducanu let his opponent break the game to hold the serve twice and lost with a score of 2-6. In the second set, Raducanu led 4-2, and when everyone was waiting for the “upstream” screen, the British player was disappointed. Sasnovich played explosively in the last 4 games to win 6-4 backwards.

Losing 0-2 and being eliminated in the first match at Indian Wells, the 18-year-old player could not hide his disappointment.

“I think it’s going to take me some time to get used to what’s going on. I mean, everything (popularity, audience expectations) is still so new to me. These experiences can make me feel uncomfortable. really 100% comfortable, but I know it will bring more good.

I think it’s a lesson to change yourself. I’m only 18 years old. I need to limit my loss of form,” Raducanu said after the loss.

Before the match, Raducanu insisted that she was not distracted because of her popularity, but with what she said after the loss, it can be seen that everything is directly causing the young player to perform poorly, and this need to be adjusted in the upcoming tournaments.

"Queen"  Raducanu lost outright in Indian Wells, the price of fame - 3

Gauff was also famous quickly after the US Open 2019 and the 17-year-old girl knows what pressure her colleagues are under

Coco Gauff, a 17-year-old American tennis player who reached the fourth round of the US Open at the age of 15, understands better than anyone that Raducanu is facing a lot of pressure.

The American tennis player advises: “It’s exciting to have millions of followers on your personal page, but it can be overwhelming, that’s what I used to do. Don’t get too caught up in social networks. I only allow 1 hour on social media a day.”

Before that, Roger Federer used to stand up to defend Raducanu, he did not want the young player to receive too much pressure from social networks, because this could destroy the talent of the British tennis player.

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18-year-old Raducanu won the US Open: Will it be like Federer, or future Sharapova?

Is it possible that the tennis world can’t find a King and there will be a Queen to reign?

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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