Quang Thang Economic Apple and 2,000 Kun runner conquer the beautiful running track of Bai Chay beach

Within the framework of the Amazing Halong Marathon, at 7:30 a.m. on July 23, the run for the Kun Marathon was officially started. Meritorious Artist Quang Thang, 2013 Asian art ball champion Do Kim Phuc, singer Bao Ngoc, Tiktoker brothers Long Chun, baby Duy Anh, Ngan Chi … accompanied 2,000 Kun runners to conquer the beautiful track. Bai Chay beach – Ha Long – Quang Ninh.

Kun Marathon Ha Long: 2,000 children sing before running – Photo of Kun Milk Brand

Designed for young athletes, the main track at Ngoc Tho Street, in front of Bai Chay beach of Kun Marathon has a length of 700 m. Children between the ages of 6 and 10 were present early to warm up. The atmosphere is excited and eager with the red, green and yellow colors from the Kun-style shirts, hats and backpacks covering the whole “race track”.

Kun Marathon Ha Long officially kicks off at 7:30 a.m. on July 23 – Photo of Kun Milk Brand

Starting at 7:30 am, the young athletes started their first run with “Economic Apples” Quang Thang. Waking up at 5 am to prepare for this morning’s run, on the track, Meritorious Artist Quang Thang continuously helped the children overcome “difficult” obstacles to reach the finish line.

For the first time accompanying Kun Marathon, Meritorious Artist Quang Thang shared that he felt he had a responsibility to contribute efforts with the community to encourage children to practice physically instead of engrossed in electronic devices.

Meritorious Artist Quang Thang helps children overcome obstacles to reach the finish line – Photo of Kun Milk Brand

In the 3rd run, Tiktoker Long Chun was at the starting line with his brother Long Be to join the race with 7-year-old children. During the race, Long Chun held his brother’s hand and cheered for other children on the track. Because Long Be was tired, Long Chun carried his brother near the end to finish the race. This hot tiktoker with nearly 6 million followers confessed that he signed up with Long Be to run at Kun Marathon because he wanted his brother and friends to enjoy a beautiful summer of childhood.

TikToker Long Chun carries his brother Long Be to conquer Kun Marathon Ha Long – Kun Milk Brand Photo

In the next runs, the 2013 Asian art ball champion Do Kim Phuc, along with Duy Anh, Ngan Chi, Bao Ngoc and Viet Anh took turns to cheer the runners up.

A large number of parents stood outside the pitch to cheer for 2,000 Kun runners throughout the 700m run. Thanks to the thoughtful organization, the close supervision of volunteers, the companionship of the artists, the children all reached the finish line safely. Every child who reaches the finish line will also receive a medal to recognize the effort to complete the run.

After completing the runs, 2,000 young runners returned to the main stage to interact with famous guests. Opening the stage performance, Tho Nguyen, Tieu Bao Bao and two children Duy Anh and Ngan Chi brought a drama about gratitude and good deeds to help people.

After that, the appearance of two brothers, Long Chun – Long Be, with a lovely animation, made 2,000 children cheer non-stop. Near the end of the exchange, 2,000 Kun Runners immersed themselves in the excitement, health and joy of the song “Kun learns well” with famous guests.

During the day, young runners experience Kun stalls, participate in movement games… Kun Marathon is one of the biggest sports events for children in Ha Long. This is a healthy and useful playground for children, inspiring an active lifestyle and sports spirit with the message “Working with KUN every day”.

The Kun brand is a companion to the Kun Marathon. Fresh Kun Milk – 100% fresh milk imported from Australia with the criteria of 3 No: No powdered milk, No preservatives, No antibiotic residues.

Kun Marathon is one of a series of activities with Kun Do Good Every Day – a program initiated by the International Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (IDP) is being deployed to millions of children across the country, contributing to helping them create habits of awareness and actions that sow happiness through activities: Study well with Kun, practice every day, Read books with Kun every day, Share love with Kun, Protect the environment with Kun, Exercise with Kun every day.…

The Lof Kun switchboard, a social project, was established by the International Dairy Joint Stock Company (IDP) in October 2020 to support and share disadvantaged children, and to connect with donors and sponsors. kind.

The project’s beneficiaries are Vietnamese children under 15 years old, facing financial difficulties; children who need psychological support or have special educational learning support needs; abused children…

Currently, the Lof Kun switchboard is receiving financial assistance for 540 children (mostly of primary school age) orphans or families with difficulties, unable to pay for living expenses, medical treatment, etc., and receive insurance. support 816 orphaned children due to Covid. All cases are being subsidized monthly and regularly updated to provide timely support, love and motivation for the children to go to school and make ends meet.

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