Quang Liem won at Blitz chess: Beating 5 world players, pocketing 285 million VND

Monday, August 16, 2021 13:08 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, chess news) Quang Liem has been in good form in a series of blitz matches at the chess tournament for 10 world players that just ended in the US.

The St Louis fast and lightning chess event just ended in the US on the morning of August 16, Quang Liem and 9 top players in the world had the opportunity to compete directly instead of having to compete online (online) like other tournaments. another match. Quang Liem is living and working at the event venue, so this can also be considered a “home” tournament with the number 1 player in Vietnam.

Quang Liem is in good form in the series of blitz chess matches

There is a slight advantage because of being able to compete in the place where he lives, but Quang Liem is not appreciated because in terms of standard chess Elo compared to the rest of the opponents, the Vietnamese player is ranked last. However, the tournament played in a fast and lightning chess format, so Quang Liem created unexpected results.

The tournament features top players, including world No. 2 Fabiano Caruana (USA), Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan, world No. 6) and two world No. 2 players from USA Hikaru Nakamura and So Wesley. Against high-class opponents, Quang Liem did not play well in 9 blitz games, but he played very well in 19 blitz games.

Finishing 9 quick chess games (from August 12 to 14) Quang Liem only won 1, drew 4, lost 4 (won 2 points, drew 1 and lost 0), with 6 points after 9 games, 32-year-old Vietnamese player ranked last in the rankings. This result forced Liem to play well in 18 blitz games that took place on August 15 and 16 (each day 9 games) and he had an impressive “upstream”.

In 18 games of blitz chess played in the first-and-back format, Quang Liem had 9 wins, 5 draws, and 4 losses (1 point win, 0.5 point draw), thereby gaining 11.5 points. With a total of 17.5 points through 27 quick and lightning games, the number 1 player in Vietnam ranked 5/10 players participating.

With a spectacular “upstream” performance, Quang Liem received a reward of 12,500 USD (more than 285 million VND) for the 5th place. Hikaru Nakamura won the championship with a reward of 37,000 USD, Fabiano Caruana came in second with 25,000 USD, Richard Rapport third place receives $20,000.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/quang-liem-dai-thang-co-chop-ha-5-cao-thu-the-gioi-dut-tui-285…

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