Puzzling UFO sightings – US secret service boss cannot rule out aliens

Washington – What do the secret services really know about UFOs – after this sensational statement?

At the prestigious “Ingatius Forum” in Washington National Cathedral, high-ranking church officials, US government officials and academics discussed “Our Future in Space”. Among them Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb, NASA boss Bill Nelson and the director of the US secret services, Avril Haines.

Among other things, intelligence chief Haines spoke about the consequences of the UFO report published by the Pentagon in June. It also mentions 18 sightings by US military personnel in which unidentified flying objects had shown inexplicable maneuvering properties such as extreme acceleration and rapid course changes.

And then the head of the secret service dropped a bomb! The main reason for the government’s UFO investigation was flight safety and any necessary counter-espionage measures. “But the question always arises: Is there anything else that we just don’t understand, that could be extraterrestrial?”

The former head of the Pentagon UFO investigation program Luis Elizondo became even clearer in an interview with the British magazine “GQ”.

Pilots would have experienced a disruption in “space-time” after a UFO encounter. One would have reported, “It felt like only five minutes had passed, but when I looked at my watch, 30 minutes had passed. I only used fuel for five minutes … “


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