Purchase price and owner secret: Carrell villa sold for the 2nd time

Bremen – Millions of expensive, priceless memories. “Gut Wachendorf” in Syke wrote show history and the stories of a TV legend!

From 1975 until his death in 2006, the property in Syke was the favorite and retreat of the unforgettable Rudi Carrell († 71) and his family. Now it has changed hands for the second time.

The Hamburg real estate agent “Kensington”, which specializes in exclusive real estate, brokered the property shortly before Christmas after a long wait. However, the price and new owner will remain secret for the time being.

The entrance with a gate to the “Gut Wachendorf” is flanked by two half-timbered barns

Photo: Marcus Posthumus

The secluded and exclusive complex (around 10 hectares) with driveway, gate system, pond and forest includes a half-timbered manor house (540 sqm), a mill building (298 sqm), barns (524 and 398 sqm) and a servant house in need of renovation ( 314 sqm).

Carrell lived here with his partner Susanne Hoffman († 43), who succumbed to cancer in 2003, and later with his last wife Simone Felischak (50). After the showmaster’s death, she had a temporary right of residence on the property, which led to an inheritance dispute with his children Annemieke, Carolin and Alexander. Because they wanted to sell the family seat as quickly as possible.

Teaser picture

The mansion forms the representative center

Photo: Marcus Posthumus

From April 2007 until now, the former manor belonged to the care service operator couple Claudia and Peter Dammann. The real estate agent: “After 13 happy years, you decided to sell for reasons of age.” The main building in the style of a Long Island Lounge with open, bright and spacious rooms was retained. “The mill building and barn house are used traditionally and commercially. And a lot of animals live on the farm, ”says the agent.

The previous owners paid 1.75 million euros for the real estate complex.


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