PUBG Mobile is returning again, poster release with changed name, here is full information

There is good news for Indians playing PUBG. The company has released a new poster on its social media platform, which suggests that the game will be launched under Battleground Mobile India.

Earlier, PUBG Mobile India posted a teaser on its official YouTube channel, which was removed soon after. However, information about when this game will be launched has not been revealed.

The Facebook handle of PUBG Mobile India and the poster of YouTube channel have now been changed to Battleground Mobile India. However, the Twitter handle still bears the same name.

All steps are being taken to restart PUBG Mobile India. It is believed that the company is also ready to change the name of the game for this purpose. Earlier in December 2020, Crafton launched a website confirming PUBG Mobile’s return to India under the PUBG Mobile India banner.

May return to India soon

It is worth noting that some time ago PUBG Corporation had asked for an investment for its Bangalore office and job application on LinkedIn for Strategy Analyst. The company was looking for an employee who came to the team related to merger and acquisition, investment. This clearly shows that the company has not stopped its operation in India and is still hopeful of PUBG’s return to India. People who like PUBG are expecting this game to return to India soon.

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