Prudential Vietnam launches mental health tool

The “Mental Health” feature on Pulse by Prudential (Pulse) will help people take better care of their mental health with personalized AI technology.

With this new Pulse feature, customers will find a way to lead a balanced, positive, physically and mentally healthy life. According to WHO, people with good mental health are always positive in thinking, know how to control their behavior and emotions, and are more resilient in the face of difficulties and challenges. With Pulse’s “Mental Health” feature, users can:

Mental health assessment: Includes 6 reviews to help users identify the current state of mental health, quality of relationships to have an appropriate care and nurturing plan. From there, help them be happy, stable, better control everything.

Emotion diary: Helps users to record and track their own moods and emotions, thereby, better control thoughts and behaviors, reduce negative reactions, increase empathy and quality Relationships.

The “Mental Health” feature on Pulse by Prudential (Pulse) has just been launched. Image: Prudential Vietnam

Along with the above two features, users can also watch, listen, and read content related to mental health, equip themselves with more knowledge and better ways to take care of themselves. In addition, since its launch, some other features of Pulse have been loved and used by users regularly, such as: health check, symptom check, online doctor.

“After 2 years of being heavily affected by Covid-19, we can see that unstable mental health easily affects an individual’s ability to make decisions, seize opportunities and do well in responsibilities. family, other social relationships We hope that the launch of the ‘Mental Wellness’ feature on Pulse will not only help Prudential’s customers find a way to balance their lives, but also contribute to bringing a healthy Vietnam from the foundation of healthy individuals physically and mentally,” shared Mr. Tran Thanh Phong, Deputy General Director of Marketing Prudential Vietnam.

Phong also said that, with the launch of the “Mental Health” feature on Pulse, Prudential wants to increase Vietnamese people’s awareness of the importance of maintaining a balanced life both physically and mentally. At the same time, once again affirming the company’s commitment to act for a better life for the community and customers. Download Pulse by Prudential here.

Pulse by Prudential is a health application developed on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI), providing comprehensive health management solutions, from physical to mental, helping users have a better life. balanced, positive and effective.

As one of the leading life insurance companies in Asia, Prudential is committed to making life better for everyone. Faced with the challenges of the Asian and Vietnamese health systems, the digitization trend in the health sector, the increase in demand for service quality, healthcare, Prudential cooperates with leading partners technology, digital health to develop Pulse application to bring comprehensive health care and management solutions to users, starting from prevention, delay to protection.

Pulse was officially launched in the Vietnamese market in May 2020, is currently available in 17 markets in Asia and Africa, and has been downloaded more than 32 million times (as of December 2021). Users can download Pulse on the Apple and Google Play app stores. In addition to health features and content, Pulse is also a tool to help Prudential Vietnam customers easily view, manage insurance policies, and claim insurance benefits online.

Learn more about Pulse here.

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