Prosecutor sure: brothers killed Afghan woman and took her away in the suitcase

Berlin – This crime shocked Germany. About five months ago, the Afghan Maryam H. (34) was killed and dismembered in Berlin. The Berlin public prosecutor is convinced: the perpetrators were the two brothers of the 34-year-old.

Now the investigative authority has brought charges against the duo for murder!

Maryam H. (34), mother of two children, wanted to lead a free, self-determined life in Germany. Her brothers allegedly opposed itPhoto: private

Sayed (25) and Seyed H. (22) are said to have killed the mother of two, transported them in a suitcase by train to Bavaria and buried them there. Motive: According to a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office, the men killed their sister because she did not live according to her values. The RBB had previously reported.

Maryam's younger brother Seyed H. (22) lives in Berlin

Maryam’s younger brother Seyed H. (22) lives in BerlinPhoto: private

Under a pretext, according to the indictment, they met with Maryam in mid-July 2021, killed her and cut up her body. On surveillance videos at Berlin’s Südkreuz train station, her brothers could be seen pulling a very baggy suitcase behind them. In it they are said to have brought their dead sister to Bavaria. Where their older brother lives, the two men promised each other more calm and less attention when disposing of the corpse. The alleged killers have been in custody since August 4th.

The young mother of a daughter (now 10) and a son (13) came to Germany as an asylum seeker from Afghanistan in 2013. In their strictly Islamic marriage, there was repeated violence. In 2017 Maryam no longer wanted: She got a divorce under German law. But the husband did not give up, prevented the separation according to Islamic law.

Sayed H. (25) lives in Bavaria, where the body of Maryam H. was found

Sayed H. (25) lives in Bavaria, where the body of Maryam H. was foundPhoto: private

Two years ago she moved to a refugee shelter with her sons. In the style of a moral guardian, a brother is said to have permanently monitored his sister and checked whether she was following an Islamic lifestyle.

Sayed (25) and Seyed H. (22) are silent on the murder allegation. The duo is now facing a life sentence. A trial date is not yet known.


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