Proposing to his girlfriend at the finish line of VM Quy Nhon

Do Nhan Son (32 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) just finished 42km and immediately gave a ring to his girlfriend Nguyen Ngoc Linh in the cheers of the audience and athletes.

Mr. Son’s girlfriend – Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Linh (36 years old, Hanoi) did not attend the tournament but stood cheering for her boyfriend near the finish line. Under the arrangement of the organizers, Ms. Linh was allowed to enter the racetrack to join Mr. Nhan Son to complete the last 200 m.

Touching the finish line, Mr. Son immediately knelt down, took the ring ready to propose to Ms. Ngoc Linh. The two exchanged a passionate kiss under the witness of thousands of spectators at VM Quy Nhon.

The unexpected proposal made Linh burst into tears of happiness. “Son only said that today would be a special day for both of them, not talking about this marriage proposal,” Linh shared emotionally.

The moment of proposal at the finish line of VM Quy Nhon 2022.

The couple met from social networks. At the time of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, Mr. Son, working in the US, could not return to Vietnam because of the travel restriction policy. Time away from you, miss you, his mother uploaded a video of him jogging near home on his personal facebook page. Linh was impressed with Mr. Son’s video, so she texted to ask and chat. The two are friends on social media but have never met in real life.

Endless stories connect two strangers. In October 2020, Mr. Son was positive for Covid-19. It was she who always encouraged him and advised him on how to take care of his health. Thanks to that, Mr. Son and Ms. Linh developed feelings and officially fell in love from April 2021.

After that, the two had small arguments, so there was about 3 months of no contact. After nearly 2 years living in the US, Mr. Son wishes to return to Vietnam. At this time, Mr. Son officially met Linh in real life.

The moment Do Ngan gave the ring to propose to his girlfriend

Both are happy on their special day. Image: VM

Mr. Son said that when he fell in love, he saw that she was the right person for himself in terms of personality and interests to build happiness together. Planning to propose to his girlfriend has been around for a long time, but a week before VM Quy Nhon took place, he decided to propose.

“Running connects our hearts together, that’s why I want the milestone in both of our lives to be associated with this sport. I chose VM Quy Nhon to propose to my girlfriend because of the organized tournament, professional. Today becomes a memorable memory for both of them”, Mr. Son shared.

Since meeting, Ms. Linh moved from Hanoi to Saigon. Every week, the two regularly participate in sports activities such as swimming and jogging. “We plan to participate in the VM Nha Trang race. The wedding plan has not been scheduled yet, both are enjoying the sweet moments of love, the future wedding will be carefully prepared. “, said Son.

Le Nguyen

Image: Reporters team


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