Professor Quoc Nguyen hit his opponents at a speed that stunned his opponents in the toughest billiard tournament in Vietnam

Sunday, April 11, 2021 00:31 (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Player Nguyen Quoc Nguyen is showing his extreme form and level at the Billiards and Snooker National Championships (round 1) in 2021 taking place in Vung Tau.

The scoring phases of the National Vow:

After winning the opening match, player Nguyen Quoc Nguyen entered his second match against Do Hong Duong at the Carom 3 tournament Billiards and Snooker National Championship (round 1) in 2021, which took place the evening of the day. April 10.

Quoc Nguyen is determined to win a ticket to attend the 31st SEA Games

Different from the out-of-the-box strike, this time Quoc Nguyen has made both opponents and audience admire his “destructive” power. In only 3 speculation rounds, the home player Gia Lai has scored 14 points, including a series of 7 points to lead to 14-2. With a 4-point hit after that, Quoc Nguyen put the match into halftime with 18-4 difference.

The speed of the game in the second half was even faster when with only 4 consecutive turns, Quoc Nguyen scored 12 points to quickly win an overwhelming victory with a score of 30-8. This is considered one of the fastest matches in the Carom 3-band content in this tournament. To get 1 spot to advance to the national finals 2021, Quoc Vow will have to have at least 3 more victories.

The Billiards and Snooker National Championship (round 1) in 2021 took place from April 3-13 in Vung Tau. This is considered the toughest tournament in Vietnam by the record number of players up to 1700 athletes. In particular, the 3-band Carom content – the most attractive content in the tournament, had 1300 players competing for 48 places to go to the final round. In the finals, these 48 players will join 16 seeds from the previous year to compete for the championship.

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