Professor Quoc Nguyen defeated the dark horse and reached the top of the toughest billiard tournament in Vietnam

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 19:06 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Player Nguyen Quoc Nguyen excellently defeated quite strong opponents on the last day of the competition, especially “dark horse” Chiem Hong Thai to win the Billiards championship and Snooker won the national championship (round 1) in 2021.

National Vow’s performance in the final (Source: Billiards Vietnam TV)

During his competition at the Billiards and Snooker national championships (round 1) in 2021, Quoc Vay has shown its international level. With the peak series, the muscular lines bearing the brand “Professor”, Quoc Vow crossed the competition.

Nguyen Quoc Nguyen deserves the championship in the harshest billiard tournament in Vietnam 2021

Meanwhile, Chiem Hong Thai is a very unexpected phenomenon. The only 22-year-old mechanic consecutively defeated his seniors, especially the famous player in the international arena Do Nguyen Trung Hau in the quarterfinals, thereby for the first time in his career there was a national final round. . Therefore, the clash between Quoc Nguyen and Hong Thai in the semi-finals took place at noon on April 13 is recently considered an early “final” between candidate number 1 for the championship and “dark horse” worth watching. first prize.

Quoc Vay opened the game with a miss but he quickly corrected his mistake with a series of 9 points in a row. While Hong Thai was still unable to catch up with the match, Quoc Nguyen added an 8-point shot to lead 17-4. Hong Thai played very stubbornly to shorten the score to 17-23. Not letting the younger man have a chance to turn things around, Quoc Nguyen continues to score another series to finish with the score 30-22 after 16 turns.

Quoc Nguyen continues to experience a very difficult match when facing Nguyen Van Tai in the final. After the first few minutes of struggle, Van Tai took the lead 12-9. Right at this difficult time, Quoc Vay’s level spoke again. “Professor” constantly has small series to lead back 17-12 after the first half.

Coming to the semi-finals was a great success for Chiem Hong Thai

With the bravery of the top 10 player in the world, Quoc Nguyen was not too difficult to maintain the lead in the second half, thereby winning 30-24 after 31 turns and becoming the Carom content champion. 3 tapes in the harshest pool in Vietnam 2021.

Thus, the Billiards and Snooker national championships (round 1) in 2021 ended with the selection of 48 3-band Carom players and 16 Carom 1 players to enter the national finals to be held in June. here also in Vung Tau.

Certainly in the next round with the appearance of heavyweight seeds such as Tran Quyet Chien, “King of parachute billiards” Nguyen Cao Nhan Minh Quan, Tran Duc Minh, Nguyen Duc Anh Chien, … the great war for the title. Enemies as well as the SEA Games 31 slots will be extremely fierce and attractive.

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