Professional expenses incurred in 2020 for teleworking will be tax exempt

In exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures: allowances paid by employers for teleworking at home in 2020 will be tax exempt. This was indicated by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Public Accounts on Tuesday, March 2 in a press release.

The exemption will apply either to actual costs or to flat-rate allowances, but in the latter case it will be limited to 2.50 euros per day of teleworking, or 550 euros for the year at most, specifies the Ministry of Economy in this release.

Telecommuting is encouraged by the government to combat the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has led “A large number of employees to incur, for the first time, professional expenses made necessary by this unprecedented organization of work”, explains the ministry.

Consequence of this measure, the amount of taxable income pre-filled on the tax return for 2020 “Should not, in principle, include such allowances”.

Travel or catering costs not concerned

The ministry specifies that “Running costs generally required for the exercise of the profession” as “Travel costs between home and work and catering costs”, are not affected by this tax exemption.

Teleworking has fewer and fewer followers

The national interprofessional agreement (ANI) of November 2020 reaffirmed the principle that the employer should bear the costs associated with teleworking, but this right to reimbursement of expenses is not automatic and must be subject to a negotiation within companies.

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