Process Leipzig: Woman stabbed after criticism of breakfast rolls

Leipzig – Klaus-Peter S. (65) and his wife Gertrud (60) were married for over 30 years, but the marriage ended in a bloody tragedy on September 3, 2021. That Friday morning S. stabbed his wife, she died.

The trigger for the bloody deed is said to have been a bun. Since Friday, the trained locksmith has had to answer for murder before the regional court.

The prosecutor: “Out of anger and annoyance because Ms. S. complained about an unpalatable breakfast, the accused stabbed her 14 times with a 16-centimetre-long kitchen knife. He wanted her to be quiet.”

During the attack, S. hit his wife’s heart and punctured her lungs, so that she died a few minutes later. Among other things, Gertrud is said to have found the bread rolls that her husband had previously baked and smeared with jam too crispy.

Gertrud S., who was seriously ill at the time of the crime, was only released from a clinic in August. Her husband had decided to care for her until her death. He was obviously overwhelmed with that.

The accused, who had already confessed to the police, wanted to get involved with the allegations on the first day of the hearing. However, since the court psychiatrist did not appear, the court postponed his testimony until the next hearing on March 3rd.

A verdict is expected in mid-April. He faces a life sentence.


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