Process in Dresden: fare dodgers wanted to stab the inspector

process in Dresden

Dodger wanted to stab inspector

Dresden – War refugee Suliman A. (26) came to Germany in 2015, was trained as a dental assistant, worked in a restaurant and ended up in a psychiatric ward. He has been in front of the Dresden Regional Court since Friday for a brutal knife attack on a tram inspector.

A. has been caught fare dodging five times. According to the indictment, on June 9, 2021 he tried to stab an inspector with a knife (11 centimeter blade). He threatened: “I’ll cut off your head, I’ll leave here laughing.”

He had previously been caught stealing from a shop in the main train station and threatened with scissors. After his arrest, he smeared the federal police toilet with his excrement. Another charge accuses him of having pursued a woman: “You are my wife, we are married,” Suliman A. is said to have stubbornly declared.

In the world of the Syrian it sounds like this: “Whenever I take drugs, I do nonsense and can’t remember afterwards.” A doctor in Halle told him three years ago that he was schizophrenic. “But I felt healthy and stopped taking the medication.”

The district court must now decide whether Suliman belongs in a closed psychiatric ward or in prison.

The process continues on Monday.


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