Process: 26-year-old is said to have abused girl (11)

Dresden – Abdullah A. is a Kurd with a Turkish passport. Since Wednesday he has been standing in front of the Dresden district court for sexual abuse, because despite his 26 years of age he pretended to be a teenager and abused a child!

Senior Public Prosecutor Ulrike Markus (54): “The defendant wrote to the child on the Internet via WhatsApp and Snapchat, and made compliments. She told him she was 13 years old, he pretended to be 16. “The girl was actually only 11 years old.

At the first meeting, Abdullah A. is said to have lured the girl into his apartment and abused her up to sexual intercourse. “Although the child complained of pain several times, he replied that it was normal,” the prosecution said.

The child’s mother found out what had happened and filed a criminal complaint. The court offered Abdullah A. mitigation if he makes a full confession and the child does not have to testify in the trial. So far he has not done that. The process continues.


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