Pretending to cause an accident to save people

Hai PhongMeeting an unconscious person on the road but asking for help forever, Luc lied that he caused the accident so that someone could take the victim to the emergency room.

At dawn on March 12, Mr. Nguyen Van Luc, 45 years old, residing in Cam Giang district, Hai Duong, was driving a container truck from Hai Phong to Phu Tho. While running on Highway 5, the section through Hong Bang district, he discovered a young man lying motionless in the median.

“With 24 years of driving experience, I’m sure this person had a traffic accident,” Mr. Luc shared with reporters VnExpress. Seeing many cars passing by, with no intention of stopping to help, Mr. Luc parked the container truck close to the median, turned on the hazard lights and headlights to ensure safety, kept the scene and quickly reached the accident place. core.

To prove that he was the one who stopped to help and not cause an accident, the male driver took out his phone to live stream on social networks.

A young man who had an accident lying motionless at the median on Highway 5, the section through Hong Bang district, Hai Phong, at dawn on March 12, was helped by Mr. Luc. Screenshots

The victim is a young man about 25 years old, riding a white Honda SH motorcycle without a license plate, bleeding profusely, and has lost consciousness. Fearing that the slow emergency would affect his life, Mr. Luc ran out into the middle of the road to block the car, banging on the door of a house on the side of the road to ask for help but could not call anyone. “Perhaps people are afraid of being involved so they ignore it,” he said.

After more than 10 minutes, seeing a man in his 30s riding a motorbike to a nearby house, Mr. Luc shouted loudly, claiming to be the cause of the accident and asking for help. Fortunately, this person agreed to send the victim’s motorbike into the house, and at the same time helped Mr. Luc put the injured person on the container truck. Both of them took the victim to Hai Phong Transport Hospital and continued to move to Viet Tiep Hospital (Hai Phong) for emergency treatment.

“I have to admit that I am the cause of the accident, ready to take responsibility, only others will help because I am not afraid of being involved, but before calling forever, no one will come out. The longer the time, the lower the victim’s chance of survival. “, Luc explained.

After handing over the patient to the doctor and asking the motorbike driver to stay and take care of him, Mr. Luc left his phone number and continued the shipment. At 10:00 a.m. on the same day, the victim’s family called to thank him, informing him that the victim was awake and recovering.

The lucky person who was saved by Mr. Luc is Do The Anh, 23 years old, in Vinh Bao, Hai Phong. The Anh said, on the evening of March 11 on the way home, he had an accident, due to a strong collision, so he could not remember the incident clearly. While half awake, half asleep, he only knew that two men took him to the hospital, then fell into a coma.

The accident caused The Anh to suffer a soft tissue injury, 40 stitches. On March 20, he was discharged home from the hospital. “When I was at the hospital, I sent a message to thank Mr. Luc. When my health is stable, I will go to his house with my family to thank him”, The Anh said.

Portrait of male driver Nguyen Van Luc.  Photo: Character provided

Portrait of driver Nguyen Van Luc. Photo: Characters provided

“I don’t save people because I want to receive thank you gifts, to be praised or to be a hero,” Luc affirmed. During 24 years of driving a container truck from North to South, he has helped about 30 accidents on the road.

Many times, Mr. Luc was misunderstood by the victim’s family as the cause of the accident, beaten until his arm was broken, his face was bruised, his body was full of scars. Later, he learned from experience, every time he got into an accident, he recorded a video of the whole incident as evidence.

Many people who know the story say that he is “crazy, eats meals at home, carries prisons and goods, likes to do things for money, one day brings disaster to his body”, but he doesn’t mind. “I’m not afraid of people talking about it, I’m just afraid of being late, not being able to save people in time. But I still help when someone is in trouble,” Luc said with a laugh.

Seeing that her husband was often beaten unfairly, easily entangled in trouble, many times his wife advised him to just focus on working.

“But his personality is like that, I can’t help it. I had to support him, warn him to be careful, and at the same time equip an additional dashcam on the car, to make sure that my husband is not misunderstood when he does good work,” his wife said. Mental force.

Impersonate the person causing the accident to save people

Part of the clip was recorded by driver Nguyen Van Luc, saving people who had an accident at dawn on March 12 at Highway 5, Hai Phong. Source: Nguyen Luc

A few days ago, on social networks shared a clip recording the scene of Mr. Luc helping the victim in a traffic accident, making many people emotional. After sharing, clips and photos received tens of thousands of likes, many people left comments admiring the driver’s work.

“A driver with a heart, always thinking of others. Wishing the driver luck on all roads,” commented a user named Thanh Thuy.

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