Precariousness of 18-25 year olds: “The guaranteed minimum income is a necessary safety net”

“At 18, you want a job, not an allowance”, said Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne about the extension of the RSA for those under 25. While 1.5 million young people live below the poverty line, several left-wing parliamentarians are supporting a bill to grant new rights from the age of 18. This text was debated on Wednesday January 20 in the Senate and will arrive at the Assembly in March.

Between 18 and 29 years old, more than one in ten young people are now in a situation of poverty, according to the Observatory of Inequalities. While Stanislas Guérini, the general delegate of LREM, offers to lend 10,000 euros at zero rate to young people aged 18 to 25, for Nadia Okbani, lecturer in political science at the University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès and member of the Center for Study and Research Work, Organization, Power (Certop), it is urgent to create a guaranteed income from the age of 18.

“The RSA for those under 25 is to suppress the rights of young people”

What do you think of the government’s refusal to make the RSA accessible to young people under 25?

It is an aberration. The main argument put forward by those who oppose the extension of the RSA is based on a familialist approach: we rely on family solidarity. From this point of view, helping young people would amount to disempowering parents. However, this perpetuates social inequalities and penalizes young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, in which parents do not have the resources.

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