Porta Westfalica: Robbers disguised as a gardener attack a woman in the house

True to the mystery wisdom: The perpetrator is always the gardener …

Porta Westfalica – Two insidious criminals apparently disguised themselves as gardeners in order to break into the house of a woman (62) in Porta Westfalica-Barkhausen. When the resident entered the house, the robbers ambushed and handcuffed her!

Now the police are looking for the duo with images from a surveillance camera and are asking for clues.

That was what happened

According to the investigation, in the absence of the resident, the two men entered the family home through a tilted window and overpowered the woman upon her return. After forcing the 62-year-old to give them valuable gold and silver coins, the perpetrators fled with their loot.

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They left their victim tied up in the basement. A little later, the woman was able to free herself and inform neighbors.

In his act, the duo is said to have communicated with another person. To escape, the men used the victim’s blue Volvo XC 60, which was later found around 20 kilometers away in the Wietersheim area.

The two alleged perpetrators were apparently filmed on their way to the crime scene through a surveillance camera.

This is how the supposed gardeners are described

► Perpetrator 1: 180-190 cm tall, blonde hair, strong, black backpack, black sneakers, green work overalls, black jacket, gray gloves, black knitted hat, visible stubble. The man spoke according to the victim with a Russian accent.

Perpetrator 2: 170-175 cm tall, dark hair, slim, dark Nike trainers with a distinctive orange sole in the heel area, green work overalls, black sweater, dark peaked cap, gray gloves, visible stubble. He had a black backpack and a green leaf sack with him.

The investigators ask: Who recognizes the two men or who noticed them? Who can give information about a possibly involved third perpetrator or another vehicle that may be used? Who can provide information about the current whereabouts of the men? Please send information to Kripo Minden at (0571) 88660.


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