Porsche invests in high-performance, ultra-fast charging batteries

Lithium-ion contaminates Porsche too. Engaged like the ban and the backbench of the automotive industry in a vast electrification movement, the German manufacturer of sports and luxury cars has announced an investment of several tens of millions of euros in a future cell factory of photovoltaic batteries.

This will be done as part of a joint venture with the German specialist Custom Cell, which the Volkswagen entity will control at 84%. “The battery cell is the combustion chamber of the future,” says Porsche in its press release.

Less than a quarter of an hour

The duo plans to launch in 2024 the production of cells capable of charging to 80% in less than a quarter of an hour, specifies Oliver Blum, the boss of the brand, in the German press.

To save these precious minutes, the anodes will be made of silicone, in order to increase the energy density and limit the size of the batteries. The plant will be located near Stuttgart, the stronghold of Porsche, and will have a capacity of at least 100 MW per hour, enough to equip around 1,000 vehicles each year.

The inventor of the 911 also continues to develop its batteries with the help of its competition branch. In the closed segment of sports cars, a battery must be able to charge very quickly, withstand very high temperatures and allow a large recovery of energy.

Volkswagen’s goose that lays golden eggs is currently marketing the Taycan, its first electric model, and plans to deploy a full range of low-carbon vehicles in the coming years, in a similar turn to that of its parent company in Wolfsburg. The bestseller Macan will have a battery from 2023, for example. The brand anticipates an 80% electrified range in 2030.

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