Police discover fleeting mafioso on Google Street View in Spain

Madrid (Spain) – After these photos, the fugitive mafia boss had the salad!

The Italian Gioacchino Gammino (61) was in hiding for two decades. Now it reappeared – in a photo from Google Street View’s internet map service!

The criminal probably hadn’t even noticed how a Google car had filmed him driving by in Spain. The recordings were published and then discovered by the Italian mafia hunters in Palermo.

Gammino turns his back on the camera of the Google Maps car as this picture is takenPhoto: Google Maps

The man he is looking for stands casually in front of his fruit and vegetable shop in the small Spanish town of Galapager near Madrid, where he started his own business as a greengrocer.

According to a striking scar on his chin and photos that Gammino himself had posted on social networks, Italian and Spanish investigators succeeded in identifying the Mafia boss.

Archive picture: Such cars drive through the streets with cameras on the roof

Archive picture: Such cars drive through the streets with cameras on the roofPhoto: Getty Images

On December 17, the Spanish authorities stepped in and arrested Gammino. When he was arrested, he is said to have asked the police in surprise: “How did you find me? I haven’t even called my own family on the phone for ten years. “

Who is the arrested mafia boss?

Gioacchino Gammino belongs to the Sicilian Mafia Stidda, a counter-organization to the better-known Cosa Nostra. The authorities wanted him for murder, mafia membership and drug trafficking.

Map: Mafia syndicates in Italy - info.BILD

On August 29, 1989, the Mafia boss in Campobello di Licata on Sicily is said to have accidentally shot and killed a passerby as a killer squad. Gammino and his accomplices believed the man belonged to a warring clan. The Italian fled to Spain, where he was discovered and arrested in 1998. After he was sentenced to life imprisonment there, he escaped from prison in 2002. He mingled with the extras while filming in the notorious Rebibbia maximum security prison in Rome and disappeared. Until now!


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