Police are investigating: mystery of powder letters in Unna

Unna / Holzwickede – First it was kindergartens, currently the district building is the target and nobody knows which address is next on the list of a crazy letter writer. For a few days now, suspicious mail has been regularly causing large-scale operations by the fire brigade.

Unsuspecting, an employee in the Hemmerde kindergarten (Unna district) opened a letter to the facility on Monday afternoon. Then the shock: Your white powder trickled towards a completely unclear composition. The daycare center immediately alerted the police and fire brigade, followed by a large-scale operation and evacuation. Parents had to get their children out of Corona emergency care, the letter opener was isolated as a precaution, twelve other possible contact persons were looked after by the police.

Police spokesman Christian Stein (31): “The substance was then examined by the Analytical Task Force of the Dortmund Fire Brigade. It turned out that it is a harmless, non-hazardous substance. “

Almost to the minute 24 hours later, the scenario repeated itself on Tuesday. This time it hit a kindergarten in Holzwickede. A staff member in the secretariat opened the letter and came across the suspicious powder. Again the analytical task force was called upon. At the end of the day, the all-clear was again given: the powder poses no danger.

Alerted by the events of the previous days, the authorities switched on another daycare center on Wednesday. “A letter feels strange,” the recipient justified her concern. In this case, the fear was unfounded – the envelope only contained one invoice.

The latest major operation in the series paralyzed the district building in Unna on Thursday. A powder shipment had arrived there too, and the analytical task force was requested. All clear: the powder is harmless.

Stein: “Since all letters have been structured in the same way so far, we are assuming the same sender. The programs contain the substance, but no explicit threats against persons or institutions. ”

In all cases, investigations into suspected violations of the public peace by threat of criminal offenses were initiated.


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