Pokémon Cards: Sell Them All!

“Pokémon: catch them all!” “ Those who sang while reading these words surely remember the famous Japanese cartoon which celebrates its 25 years in 2021. Despite its quarter of a century, Pokémon has not aged any more, quite the contrary. Books, video games, derivative products … The license is still the most lucrative in the world with 59 billion dollars since its creation, calculated the Comic Book site in 2018.

And in recent months, the brand’s cards have been trading at a high price. On March 28, a Charizard card – the Pokémon considered to be the strongest on the first series of cards known as “the base set” – sold for 250,000 euros on the eBay resale site. In December, another Charizard card had sold for 300,000 euros on Goldin Auction, an online auction site specializing in collection cards.

With Pokémon Sleep, it will be possible to catch them all, even while sleeping

Flyhome is one of those passionate about Pokémon, these little beasts with magical powers. Fan since his childhood, investor and collector for five years, he has several tens of thousands of cards. “When I started with my student budget, I bought cards at 10 euros, it seemed huge to me, he recalls. Then finally, with the exchanges and the purchases, as you go, your collection is worth so much that it is enough to make an exchange or a sale of card to redeem a more beautiful one. “ Now the value of his collectio

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