Poetic, touching, minimalist… Cinema releases on October 27

The French Dispatch ***

by Wes Anderson

American movie, 1 h 43

In his latest film, Wes Anderson once again stages a large and beautiful gallery of characters with intertwined destinies. Common to this colorful troupe interpreted by the cream of American and French cinema: a magazine, the last edition of which is due to appear following the sudden death of its founder, Arthur Howitzer (Bill Murray), uncompromising defender of narrative journalism in the literary style.

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♦ Pig ***

by Michael Sarnoski

American movie, 1 h 34

One night, Rob, a modern hermit, is violently assaulted in his home and his only company, a sow with whom he has established a complicit fellowship, has disappeared. He then decides to go looking for him. With his debut in impenetrable woods and the return to the light of a once recognized man, Pig has the airs of a dark and poetic tale.

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♦ Even mice go to heaven ***

by Denisa Grimmova and Jan Bubenicek

Czech, French, Polish and Slovak animated film, 1 hour 26 minutes. From 5 years.

Approaching bluntly the delicate theme of death, the writers made sure to tell their story in a light and joyful tone, inviting us to think of departure as the hope of a rebirth.

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The divide **

by Catherine Corsini

French film, 1 h 38

A Saturday evening of demonstration violently repressed by the police meet in a large Parisian hospital Raphaëlle and Yann. One, a professional designer who broke her elbow, hopes to save her marriage. The other, a truck driver exasperated by a life of precariousness, received a grenade in the leg on the Champs-Élysées. The meeting will spark off and give rise to pure moments of comedy.

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♦ Las Niñas **

by Pilar Palomero

Spanish film, 1 h 37

Celia, 11, lives alone with her single mother and attends a very strict Catholic college when she meets Brisa, a new classmate. The director, Pilar Palomero, was inspired by her own memories to build this touching adolescent chronicle, crowned in Spain by four Goyas (the equivalent of the Césars).

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Forgiveness **

ofBehtash Sanaeeha and Maryam Moghaddam

Iranian movie, 1 h 45

Mina fights for the rehabilitation of her husband, sentenced to death when he was innocent when she receives help from Reza, a man who claims to be a former friend of the deceased. In an elegant and extremely neat staging, the directors sometimes contrast in a way a little too didactic the courage of this woman, with the cowardice of the one who, frozen in his immobility, is at the source of his misfortune.

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♦ Him *

by Guillaume Canet

French film, 1 h 28

A composer for the cinema, Guillaume Canet left his wife and children in Paris to write the music commissioned by a British filmmaker. Between two battling calls to his wife, he summons by thought all his relatives who immediately appear in the house, as well as a duplicate of himself. These exhausting dialogues between him and his loved ones, him and him, prove to be infuriating of egotism, self-pity and aggression.

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