Poaching in Kusel: police officers shot for a few dead animals

Sulzbach – They are said to have hunted together shot wild have – illegally, under cover of night. Apparently they thought no one would notice. Until around 4:20 a.m., two officers pulled up next to them…

The police murders of Sulzbach!

Andreas Johannes S. (38) and Florian V. (32) were in the van that the officers checked. When they were asked to show their IDs, they reportedly fired immediately. Police candidate Yasmin B. (24) died with a shot in the head, police commissioner Alexander K. (29) shortly afterwards – hit by four projectiles.

The alleged motive: poaching! The men probably wanted to cover up their illegal activities – and in the end two officers were dead. For a few animals …

The bloody poaching business of the suspects – how did Andreas S. and Florian V. come about? Bankrupt entrepreneur S. (38, father of four children) from Sulzbach (Saarland) took over the family bakery in August 2016 and was registered as managing director. Not much later, Andreas S. had to file for bankruptcy. And: In October 2019 he was accused of not paying wages.

The police used this photo to search for Andreas Johannes S. (38)Photo: Police

Incidentally, S. ran a game trade as a registered merchant. He advertised with the slogan: “With your order you support regional and species-appropriate animal husbandry.” But this business was also bad.

Terminal of illegal hunting?

BILD knows: S. shouldn’t have owned any weapons at all! In 2008, he was discredited for improper use of firearms. Reason: In hunting circles it is said that he shot a hunter. Previously, Andreas S. had always been “really obsessed with hunting”, said a hunter friend of the “Focus”. And: “He’s a top shooter.”

Torsten Reinwald (50), spokesman for the German Hunting Association to BILD: “In 2020 he tried again to apply for a hunting license. That was denied.” Why? Andreas S. is not considered reliable! “The reliability test places high demands on it. Among other things, the person is queried by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the police clearance certificate and a medical certificate are requested.”

Nevertheless, investigators discovered a whole arsenal of weapons at S. – spread over several apartments! Including long and handguns, lots of ammunition.

Colleagues and citizens at the Kusel police station commemorate the murdered police officers with flowers and candles

Colleagues and citizens at the Kusel police station commemorate the murdered police officers with flowers and candlesPhoto: Horst Welke

Andreas S. and Florian V. probably did the poaching on a large scale! According to the police, the shooting, cutting up and selling of the meat was “professional and commercial”. According to BILD information, there were increasing police proceedings for poaching against S. Florian V. admitted the poaching through his lawyer.

A neighbor told BILD what crazy scenes must have happened again and again in front of V.’s apartment in Sulzbach: “There was always something going on there! The police thought it was dangerous and always came with four or five cars. Because dismembered pigs stood in buckets in front of the door or they were doing target practice behind the house again.”

Arrest warrants were issued against Andreas S. and Florian V. for joint murder and poaching. Both are in custody.


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