Pleading in the murder trial against neo-Nazis – Lübcke’s family calls for life imprisonment

Frankfurt – It is one of the last stages on the way to the distribution of the two neo-Nazis Stephan Ernst (47) and Markus H. (44): In the trial of the murder of Kassel’s regional president Walter Lübcke († 65, CDU), the representatives of the accessory prosecution pleaded on Tuesday .

Lübcke’s family demands a life sentence for Stephan Ernst with the determination of the gravity of the guilt – because of complicity in murder. The secondary prosecution sees H. as an accomplice. Should the court follow this, the secondary suit demands the same sentence from H. as it does from Ernst: Lifelong!

Widow Irmgard Braun-LübckePhoto: dpa

On the previous day of the trial, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office had demanded life imprisonment for Ernst. H., who is accused of aiding and abetting, faces nine years and eight months.

First spoke Professor Holger Matt, lawyer for Walter Lübcke’s family. Regarding Ernst’s testimony and his confession in court, he said: “We believe Stephan Ernst.”

The aim of the secondary prosecution was from the beginning to solve the crime – motives, planning, implementation. For the family, the focus was on the emotional experience: “How were the last seconds in Walter Lübcke’s life.” Ernst answered all questions: “We believe that he was telling the truth.”

Co-defendant Markus H.

Co-defendant Markus H.Photo: Getty Images

With regard to Markus H. the lawyer said: “We are trying to convince the Senate that H. should not only be convicted of support – but also of complicity.”

The constitutional authorities received a violent broadside: “We see here a complete failure of the constitutional authorities with regard to the two defendants.”

In the process, the widow and Lübcke’s two sons appear as joint plaintiffs. Ahmed I. (27), an Iraqi refugee who was seriously injured in a knife attack in January 2016, is also a joint plaintiff. This act is also seriously charged.

The Lübcke murder case

The Kassel District President Walter Lübcke († 65, CDU) was killed on his terrace with a shot in the head on the night of June 2, 2019. The trigger for the act is said to have been Lübcke’s statements about the admission of refugees. The investigators assume a right-wing extremist motivation.

Stephan Ernst has had to answer before the State Security Senate of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Frankfurt since June. After contradicting statements in the past 12 months, he confessed to Lübcke’s murder at the beginning of August 2020.

The second defendant, Markus H. (44), is accused of aiding and abetting, but has since been released from custody.


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