Plan to buy power bank, then it can be an economical option

New Delhi In the new year, people plan a tour to celebrate the holidays. Nowadays people do not forget to take their selfies while enjoying the tour. When selfie lovers go out, they need a power bank to charge smartphones and other gadgets in the journey. If you too are planning to buy a power bank these days, then this news is for you. Today, you are telling about such power bank, which are economical and are equipped with excellent features. Their battery is also strong and can charge your gadgets for several days.

MI 3i 10000 mAh Power bank
This power bank of MI has Type C and Micro USB ports. This power bank becomes full charged in 4 hours. Its capacity is 10000 mAh. With this power bank you can charge your phone multiple times. Apart from this, many gadgets can also be charged. Its price is 899 rupees.

Syska 10000 mAh power bank
This power bank of CISCA has double USB output ports. Its body is made of ABS plastic and weighs 288 gm. With this power bank, the smartphone’s battery can be fully charged 2 times. This power bank is available with a warranty of 2 months. Its price is 599 rupees.

Ambrane 10000 mAh power bank
This power bank of Ambrain is fully charged in 5-7 hours. The company claims that this power bank can full charge from smartphone to iPhone multiple times. It has double USB output ports. It comes with advance protection. Its price is 699 rupees.

Redmi 10000 mAh power bank
This power bank weighs 246.5 grams with a double USB output port. It gets full charged in 7.5 hours. Smartphones and gadgets can be charged multiple times with this power bank. It comes with a warranty of 6 months. Its price is 799 rupees.


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