PLA beneficiaries without children will not receive emergency aid, contrary to what Macron promised

As the crisis pushes hundreds of thousands more people into poverty, Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday a “Exceptional aid of 150 euros, plus 100 euros per child” for “RSA beneficiaries [revenu de solidarité active] and APL [aides personnalisées au logement], which suddenly affects all young people, again very largely, 18-25 year olds ”.

Be careful, however, specifies the entourage of the Prime Minister:

  • Only the RSA beneficiaries and the specific solidarity allowance (ASS, for the unemployed at the end of their rights) will affect this aid of 150 euros, to which will be added 100 euros per child.
  • The beneficiaries of APL will touch them only the premium of 100 euros per child, which therefore limits the device to parents.

“Young people are not affected by this aid”

This Friday morning on Franceinfo, the Abbé-Pierre Foundation strongly denounced a measure “Badly calibrated” while calling for “ reframe the shot “ :“The President of the Republic says: We will help those who are in difficulty with one-off, exceptional help and it specifically refers to young people. However, young people are not affected by this aid as it is calibrated today. The government must reframe the shot. “

General Delegate of the Abbé-Pierre Foundation, Christophe Robert insists: during the confinement, the associations have “Worked well with government and local communities to identify needs and provide responses because there was absolute urgency. We have the feeling that we started from zero since the 1ster September “, he points out.

“This help, we could have discussed it and said You put aside all young people with this model, when we all know that young people are suffering.

The measure, similar to that which had already been taken by the government in the spring during the first wave of the epidemic, should concern 4.1 million households, including 5 million children, for a budget of 900 million euros. . The payment of these sums will intervene ” in the next weeks “ and “Will be automatic, without any action being necessary”, said the office of Minister of Health and Solidarity Olivier Véran.

Postponed several times, the reform of the APL will enter into force on January 1, 2021

This measure will nevertheless “Completed” by other destination announcements “The most fragile, the poorest and the most vulnerable”, Saturday, on the occasion of the World Day for the Refusal of Poverty, Jean Castex said Thursday at a press conference.

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