Pirmasens: After an emergency landing: the plane crashes into the truck on the motorway bridge

You don’t even know, is it a traffic accident or an airplane accident?

Pirmasens – This photo is unbelievable, but it is real and comes from the police in Rhineland-Palatinate: On Saturday an airplane made an emergency landing on the Schwarzbachtal bridge – and then collided with a truck!

Also unbelievable: the 72-year-old pilot was only slightly injured in the extraordinary crash, the truck driver even got away without injuries.

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According to the police, the Waldfischbach-Burgalben police station received the message shortly after 12 noon that a tractor-trailer and propeller plane had crashed into each other on the A62 near Höheneid in the middle of the Schwarzbachtal bridge.

Immediately several emergency services (police, fire brigade and rescue service) sped up, discovered the plane, the truck, the pilot, the driver.

Trucks and planes are demolished. Damage: 60,000 euros

Photo: WinklerTV

Then it came out: Apparently the pilot had been on a flight from France to Lower Saxony when technical problems brought the engine to a standstill. The 72-year-old quickly decided to make an emergency landing on the lane of the 100-meter-high Schwarzbachtal bridge.

The emergency landing had hardly succeeded, but unfortunately a truck came up – and rammed the plane.

Teaser picture

Emergency forces had to partially dismantle the plane

Photo: WinklerTV

The A62 was closed until 6 p.m., emergency personnel pumped out jet fuel, experts dismantled the machine for recovery. The Federal Agency for Air Traffic Control (BFU) is involved. Damage: 60,000 euros.

Crazy glitch Passengers have to push aircraft off runway

Broken tires: passengers push aircraft off the runway

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